The Wine Guild Of The United Kingdom

Our purpose is to encourage the understanding and enjoyment of the fruit of the vine and to support the wine producers of the United Kingdom.

The Wine Guild of the United Kingdom:


Wine Guild Events

We offer our members a range of functions in good company at an interesting range of venues whereby wines and food can be appreciated.

Our programme of events includes:

  • The Winter Banquet
  • Matching Food and Wine
  • Wine Exploration
  • Social Tours abroad
  • Vineyard visits
  • And much more…


Through our charitable arm, we are now offering a suite of courses for Hospitality Professionals featuring Wine and Wine Service Development.

Helping those working in the hospitality industry to:

  • Build their technical skills & knowledge
  • Develop professional behaviours
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Increase revenues
  • Perform as a valued member of the front of house team, able to specialise in wine service
  • Build self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Consider future roles as a team leader, supervisor and/or sommelier

Supports English wine

English Wine

The Guild supports trade seeking opportunities to showcase English wines. The Wine Guild trophy is offered annually by the UK Vineyards Association in the category of best high volume wine.

Supporting the English wine industry

  • English wine growers
  • English wine industry
  • Annual competition
  • Wine Guild award
  • Promoting English wine