We’re passionate about bridging the gap between tradition and innovation in the world of wine. We believe that wine is more than just a drink—it’s a journey of discovery and connection. 

Our community brings together professionals and enthusiasts of all ages to explore the rich tapestry of flavours, cultures, and stories that make wine so fascinating.

Join us as we uncork new adventures, celebrate shared moments, and toast to the wonderful world of wine.

Through engaging events, curated tastings and educational programmes, we aim to demystify the wine experience and make it accessible to everyone.

We are also passionate about supporting wine producers of the United Kingdom and the communities behind each bottle.

Why Join the Guild?

Thinking about joining the Wine Guild? Here's why you'll love being a part of our community

Meet Fellow Wine Lovers

Connect with people who share your passion for wine in relaxed, friendly settings – and prestigious and exclusive venues. Enjoy great conversations and make new friends while exploring amazing wines. Guild Members include MWs, sommeliers and amateur wine overs; from curious beginners to aficionados. All you need is a love of wine!’ 

Expertly Curated Wine Experiences

Our team of wine experts knows how to pick interesting, quality wines that you’ll love. From unique finds to classic favorites, we pair them perfectly with our menus to enhance your dining experience.


We’re a non-profit organization that’s all about sharing the love for wine. We’re not here to sell you anything — just to help you discover and enjoy great wines in good company. We’ll also share a range of partner offers with you.

Membership Options

Annual: £160
Joint Annual: £280
Under 35: £120
Under 30: £80
Wine Professional: £120
Overseas: £80
Joint Overseas: £140
Corporate (Please contact us for further details.) 

If you are interested in wine, the Guild provides you with the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals in convivial settings where fine wines are matched with interesting food.

The Wine Guild is a non-profit making organisation having no commercial interest in the wines presented at its functions.

Wine Guild Education

The Wine Guild is pleased to offer a programme of courses for hospitality professionals featuring Wine and Wine Service Development.

The aim of the programme is to help those already working in the hospitality industry to build knowledge, develop skills, enhance the customer experience and prepare for future roles in the industry.

The Guild supports trade seeking opportunities to showcase English wines. The Wine Guild Trophy is offered annually by the UK Vineyards Association to recognise excellence in the category.